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Hair Extension Prices

Deposit amounts are shown in brackets below.

Remi Cachet Elegance Mini Tip Extensions (100% Remy hair)

  • 16 inch:
    Half head (100 bonds) £245
    Full head (150 bonds) £330
    Extra thick full head (200 bonds) £390


    20 inch:
    Half head (100 bonds) £255
    Full head (150 bonds) £350
    Extra thick full head (200 bonds) £420


    Extension brush (essential) - £10

    Hair Extension Removal - £30


What length do I go for?

As a guide 16 inch is around your (horizontal) bra strap level. If its the first time you have ever had hair extensions then 16 inch will be easier to look after than any longer lengths.

These hair extensions only come in 16 and 20 inch but can be cut to whichever length you require.


How long do they last? What is the maintenance?

Once your hair extensions are fitted, they won't need any maintenance for 10-12 weeks. At that point they will need removing and refitting (if continuing with them). The same hair can be worn for 6 months.


What does Remy mean?

Remy means that the original cuticle of the hair is still intact and lying correctly. Hair that is not Remy can tangle very easily. Cheaper hair is often not Remy and has been stripped of its original cuticle and coated artificially. The coating then wears off leaving straw like hair. If hair isn't purchased from a proper supplier, quite often it claims to be Remy when infact it isn't.


All the hair I supply is Remy and good quality. I only use 100% human hair.



Deposits are required for all hair extensions. The deposit amount can be paid on your colour match appointment so that your hair can be ordered. The deposit amount is deducted from the total amount to pay on the day you have your hair extensions fitted.


I can supply you with products which are recommended to be used with hair extensions. This will include a shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner spray.

All hair extension prices include cutting the extensions into your own hair. They can be layered and feathered around your face.

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